Inicio Ventures

100 Rising Latinx Founders to Watch

Innovation is at its best when it includes a diversity of thought and experiences.

Inicio Ventures is an impact fund manager and ecosystem builder focused on bridging the US Latinx wealth gap by increasing our communities participation and success in the startup ecosystem. We know that innovation talent is distributed equally, but opportunity and capital have not been. Changing the status quo requires a collective effort to inspire, uncover, support, and amplify Latinx founders across all sectors and regions.

The 100 Rising Latinx Founders to Watch is an annual publication showcasing the inspirational US-based Latinx founders who through their life stories, leadership, accomplishments, and startup vision are making a significant difference and are poised for success. We firmly believe every 100 is a sample of the depth and breadth of the Latinx startup talent pipeline. And so, to the doubters, hedgers, and bystanders we say,¨no more excuses,” the talent is here and ready for investment and to be championed. Meet our inaugural 100 Rising Latinx Founders!